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The Financial Engineering Laboratory is a consulting and guidance body focused on the financing and representation of companies to the financial institutions and capital markets in order to raise funding and finance ventures.

A complete business solution ensuring your buisness  success

  • Project analysis and fund raising

  • Legal representation

  • Accounting and tax planning

  • Finance and investment consulting

The Financial Engineering Lab specializes in three key areas: financing green energy projects, financing and escorting mortgage transactions and commercial finance.

Energy and Sustainability Investments:   Technological and regulatory developments in renewable energy production in Israel and around the world nowadays, allow more than ever to be part of the change in energy consumption and resource use. We are obligated to support investing in solar plants, generating electricity or recycling and water treatment systems. out mission is to raise funding for building energy farms and smart homes. This investment channel is not only profitable but it is also an essential action to save the environment and preserve the natural resources. The laboratory will support, advance and engineer long-term investment strategies, aming for high returns and low risk in Israel and around the world.

Structured Financing:   In the Financial Engineering Lab, our advisory team is working in the field of asset management and hedging risk using financial markets. We mainly raise funds for companies in the energy sector, mitigating risk exposure to commodities prices, foreign exchange risk and interest rates that are not at the core of the company's business can be hedged.

Real Estate Financing:  The Financial Engineering Laboratory advises and accompanies mortgage-financed households.  The lab has a consulting team with over 20 years of experience in the finance and capital markets, holding expertise in finance, taxation, regulation and pension funds. The consulting team is an independent team that works exclusively for the benefit of the client and offers a comprehensive household solution.

ENERGY HARVESTING  &  Financial Engineering Lab


  • OUR MISSION is to help your business become sustainable and long lasting through Energy and Water Harvesting.

  • We are obligated to constatnly bring cuting edge proven technologies, untill you are 100% sustainable. 

  • Our Turnkey solutions will give you an enjoyable investment in renweable energy while saving the earth!


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The Financial Engineering Laboratory recruited the best experts, who work on a mission and dedication to the success of your business venture while managing risk. We are committed to providing our clients the best service and financial assistance for fund raising to finance renewable and sustainable energy investment projects.

Dan Rosenberg
Forex & Interest Rates
derivatives expert
Eyal Inger
CPA & Financial

The Financial Engineering Lab, was established as part of the Technion -IIT Faculty of Management and Research Centers in 2009 and led by Dr. Gal Zahavi. Over the course of a decade, the Lab has collaborated with world renowned researchers, conducted dozens of studies published in the world's best scientific papers and received recognition and awards for its scientific activities. Dr. Zahavi has educated dozens of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral research students in the fields of financial risk management, insurance and risk hedging, financial engineering and quantitative finance, valuation of derivatives, portfolio management, investments, risk behavior and more. Among the courses tought in the lab are entrepreneurial  finance, capital markets and investments, financial risk management, derivative valuation financial engineering and more. For more information - Financial Engineering Lab Technion 

After a decade of extensive academic activity the lab has branched out from the Technion, and is now private consultancy firm, focusing on smart economic activities leading to prosperity and financial strength, raising capital and managing financial risks. The Financial Engineering Laboratory team of experts, primarily functions as a center for renewable energy and sustainability investments and energy harvesting evaluation. 

About the Financial Engineering Lab

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